Prizes, grants and highlights

L i t e r a t u r e
National Literary Festival . Flin
Cajazeiras neighborhood, Salvador.
Curator of the  1st edition

2017 . 2018 
Cachoeira International Literary Festival . Flica
Curator of the 7th and 8th editions
2015 . Chronicles of a furyless sea
Artistic residency award for writers
Sacatar Institute . Funceb

2013 . Slopes, alleys & tatters (short stories)
           Granted by National Foundation Library
and by Bahia Department of Culture

2008 . Under a deep gray sky (short stories)
Granted by Bahia Department of Culture

2002 . Memorial of the mediocre (short stories)
            Braskem Award of Literature

P h o t o g r a p h y
2019 . Graphic Publications Incubator . RV Culture and Art
Project selected for book publishing
2019 . Transverse looks 
Collective Exhibition . Roberto Alban Gallery

2018 . 2nd Bahia Photography Colloquium 
UnBlack Lisbon . Selected essay

2018 . Affective Lisbon 
Collective Exhibition . Graça Art Gallery (Lisbon)
2017 . Brief cartography of the silence
Project of photographic residency in Lisbon
Grant for Artistic Mobility . Secult Bahia

2016 . Lasquinê
Selected photo essay
   Federal University of Bahia . Triângulo Gallery